Heritage Modern Kitchen

Heritage Bakery has brought about a renaissance in celebrating any occasion or just to kill hunger pangs, with multiple awards testifying to its branding and business successes. Each Heritage Bakery bears the urban, concise, clean cut look punctuated subtly with detailing of contrasting colours of artworks, unique to each locale.

Our signature '@your service' kitchens allow our chefs to showcase their expertise upfront, sharing the preparation of the freshly browned puffs, each piece has a story to tell... so beautifully crafted, so heavenly in taste... Our attention to detail does not stop here. We strive to stay ahead constantly, making every effort to improve your Heritage Bakery experience because we want your trip to Heritage Bakery to be as deliciously rewarding as the buns you select!

Heritage Bakery created its first freshly baked cookies and muffins in 2007, Hyderabad. As our success grew, we continued to expand our menu selections adding delicious brownies, croissants, quiches, sandwiches and Signature Cakes. Come October 2010, Heritage launched Hyderabad's first Premium Bistro as " Heritage Bon Sante Bistro" in Road No 36, Jubilee Hills.

We are respected today as a leading brand in the bakery and café segment of the industry. However, the more things change, the more we stay the same. All of our menu items are still prepared daily and with only the finest ingredients available, just as you would at home. Today, we are still a "hands-on" bakery and café concept. It's what sets us apart and keeps our loyal customers coming back, again and again.

Heritage Bakery now operates over 14 company-owned locations in twin cities. Our Bakeries are in free standing street locations, regional shopping malls both in food court and in-line locations and downtown office building locations.