Veterinary Care Feed

HNL deals with Animal Nutrition. HNL is one of the leading Cattle Feed players in South and Western India covering over 3 lakh farmers spread across five states viz., Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamilnadu, Karnataka and Maharastra. Product quality is the pivotal in our endeavour towards "HEALTHY MILCH ANIMAL – HAPPY FARMER" with quality milk and milk products for all. This is achieved by a team of ingredients sourcing team and nutritionists who are working continuously on the formulations, palatability and also in educating the farmers for improving production, productivity and profitability.

We are in the process of investing considerably in cutting edge Research and Development to support our innovation pipeline. We are closely associated with farmer community to provide on firm technical support and engage them in knowledge building activities. Our own fully automatic unit at Hindupur shall further strengthen the nutrition and supply chain. Our focus will be to leverage capabilities and to develop cost effective solutions to improve animal productivity.

India is the world's largest producer and consumer of milk, with rapidly growing demand. Our Cattle feed products are prepared with deep understanding of Indian feeding practices and breed and milk production levels of cows and buffalos. These products contain protein, energy, minerals and vitamins in adequate quantity and proportion to meet the nutritional requirements of dairy cattle. We offer a variety of cattle feed (Deluxe- Mash/pellet, Dairy Special Gold- Mash/pellet, Bypro Popular Pellet and Bypro Super/Milk Magic Pellet) to enhance milk production, reproductive ability and overall health of the dairy cattle.